Developing stakeholder communities in relation to creating a slavery free Sussex.

Anti-Modern Slavery As the Ageing Well strand comes to a close, we continue to work alongside the University of Sussex and the Economic and Social Research Council to develop a community of practice, this time around the topic of modern slavery. A series of online events and podcasts will bring together professionals, academic researchers, volunteers and other interested parties to discuss and dissect the latest research and interrogate where current accepted best practice fits within that. The aim is to develop an active peer network to share learning and translate academic knowledge into action.


02/06/21 Modern Slavery in Sussex: How can we address the problem? Speakers
  • Dr Shahrzad Fouladvand, University of Sussex – Lecturer in International Criminal Law
  • Richard Lancashire – Force Manager for Modern Slavery, Organised Immigration Crime and Migration
  • Anna Wilson – R E S T O R E at King’s
  • Helena Croft – Director of Streetlight UK
23/06/21 How can we support employers and consumers to avoid modern slavery in supply chains? Speakers 14/07/21 How should we support victims of modern slavery – and what are the implications if we don’t? Speakers
  • Kristi Hickle – Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Care, University of Sussex School of Education and Social Work
  • Red Godfrey-Sagoo – CEO, Sophie Hayes Foundation
  • Lucy Butt – Co-Founder & Operations Manager Bramber Bakehouse

Three podcasts featuring discussions between modern slavery experts will explore themes and questions surrounding this topic.   Additionally there will be three facilitated ‘timed text chat’ events at The Possibility Club (read more and join below).


The Anti-Modern Slavery project brings together a host of activities, research and content and as part of this we have set up a community content hub via a peer networking platform called The Possibility Club.

Sign up to the Anti-Modern Slavery: Changing the Conversation ‘circle’ to join a community of people and organisations interested in discussing, debating and raising awareness of modern slavery and ways to combat it. It’s a place to share ideas, build collaboration and move towards changing the conversation around modern slavery.

Bringing together cutting-edge research, business innovation, grassroots practice in the community and individual lived experience – we’re pooling our knowledge to see what the future might look like.

If you are open to sharing ideas and building collaborations in moving towards a slavery free Sussex – then we’d love you to join a new community of thought.

Visit Anti-Modern Slavery to view the circle and get involved.

Not sure what The Possibility Club is all about or how to use it? Check out our handy video walkthrough.

This project is funded by the University of Sussex and the Economic and Social Research Council to help translate academic knowledge into action. The activity is facilitated by always possible, a unique consultancy looking at 21st century problem-solving through connected conversation.