Watch recordings of two events that ran as part of Brighton & Hove Ageing Well Festival

The Ageing Well Festival is an annual event run by Impact Initiatives – bringing together the council, voluntary sector organisations, and local businesses to offer a jam-packed schedule of events and activities to the city’s older population. The theme this year was Creative Ageing.
Following on from our Ageing Well strand of work with the University of Sussex, always possible was asked to run two online events as part of the festival. The events, although different, recognised how creativity and looking to others to share our experiences can create wonderful moments.

Launching the Ageing Journey Project

For the first event we were joined by Time to Talk befriending founder Emily Kenward who discussed the launch of the ageing journey project, an idea created from feedback that older people felt their lack of worth and lack of worth. The older generation have so much to give back and their wisdom and insight about life and the world is vital for s to learn from. The session gave people the opportunity to give their views on ageing and what has helped them on the journey.

Letters from Lockdown: Creating Connections Through Writing

Delivered by academic staff and students from the University of Sussex, this session gives an insight into a new project including plans for the future. Run by final-year students in English, in partnership with local churches, libraries and  Brighton & Hove Citizens, the project connected groups of people from across the city either as letter-writers or giving responses to letters through creative writing as a way to combat isolation and loneliness during the pandemic.
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Further reading and viewing

Read about our work with Age UK to measure and evaluate the impact of their services. View recordings of all five of our online Ageing Well: Changing the Conversation events, facilitated by Lucy Paine, in this YouTube Playlist.