Creative recovery? Cultural policy and urban futures

Our client, King’s College London, in collaboration the World Cities Forum have undertaken research into how cultural policy has shaped post-COVID recovery around the world

The World Cities Culture Forum is a global network of civic leaders from over 40 cities across six continents. The network supports cities to exchange solutions and share best practice in cultural policymaking to ‘build a world where culture is at the heart of thriving cities.’

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on culture and the creative industries. Its effects are still felt in cities around the world.

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The research questions for the project were:

  1. How did city cultural policymakers respond to COVID-19 in support of culture?
  2. What was the role of the World Cities Culture Forum?
  3. What are the implications of these cultural policy responses for post-COVID urban futures?

At the height of the pandemic always possible worked with councils in Brighton & Hove and in the London Borough of Merton to deliver free mentoring and support to 75 creative and cultural freelancers and small organisations. Read about our work with Merton here.

In 2022 we supported Brighton & Hove ABCD for Cultural Recovery by designing and delivering four bold online events with a range of inspiring speakers from across the local and national cultural landscape. These events encouraged discussion about post-pandemic recovery, opportunity, collaboration and innovation. Read all about it and watch the event recordings in our case study.

always possible has worked with King’s College London to deliver Theory of Change sessions to students in order for them to better understand how to measure the impact of their projects. You can read a case study here.

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