Ella’s Kitchen takes new policy paper to parliament

Ella’s kitchen believe it’s time to get serious about playing with food!

“We want each and every little one to have a healthy relationship with food, so they can grow up happy + healthy. This starts with eating more fruit + veggies from the start, but we know our little ones across the nation just aren’t eating enough!

“That’s why we’re stepping things up to bring sensory food play to little people across the UK. Because we know that when they play + explore fruit + veg using all the senses, they’re more likely to try and even learn to love them.”


Image from Ella's kitchen of a child eating fruit and vegetables

Ella’s Kitchen are calling on the government to amend guidelines and provide more support and funding to deliver sensory food play in all early years education settings across the UK.

Mark Cuddigan on baby food, consumer voice and better business

“I’ve never met a CEO that hasn’t claimed they’re saving the world, yet the world isn’t being saved. So we all believe we work in these amazing companies. My question to CEOs when I meet them is: prove it.”

“I’m gonna use a corny quote from Spiderman: with great power comes great responsibility.”

We interviewed Ella’s Kitchen CEO, MARK CUDDIGAN, earlier this year for our 5 Big Questions podcast.

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