HISBE launches crowdfunding campaign

Sussex-based social enterprise and rebel supermarket, HISBE, needs your help! Shop with them, spread the news, or contribute to their new Crowdfunder – there are some fantastic rewards on offer.

A HISBE Store is a place where values matter, and every purchase makes a difference. They redefine what it means to shop for food and turn your transactions into tangible change, for a fairer, more sustainable food system.

HISBE builds local supply chains and puts more money directly into the local economy. Things that purposefully impact the communities they serve.

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A few reasons to support this campaign

FAIRNESS. HISBE is a social enterprise and most of the money that goes through their tills gets passed back to their suppliers. When you spend £1 at HISBE, the suppliers get 67p. However, with a big supermarket, they get 9-10p and supermarkets take up to 90 days to pay them.

LOCAL ECONOMY. When you spend £1 at HISBE, they spend 57p in Sussex, on local staff, suppliers and services (big supermarkets keep 5p local). That’s almost £8 million over ten years. HISBE staff get the Real Living Wage (and proper contracts) and had a 10% cost of living payrise last year.

ENVIRONMENT. Every day HISBE prevents cardboard and plastic from making its way into landfill and the sea by offering packaging-free options in fruit & veg – and hundreds of other goods, from rice to shampoo. And by prioritising local suppliers, they reduce food miles and fuel costs too.

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