Kreston Reeves achieve B Corp status.

Kreston Reeves have become one of the biggest accountancy firms in the UK to achieve B Corp status – shaping the future of financial and professional services.

They join a growing global community of businesses measuring their social and environmental impact.

“This is a fantastic milestone for our organisation, demonstrating our ongoing efforts to have a positive impact on our clients, colleagues and communities, as we guide them to a brighter future”

Click here to read a blog about how Kreston Reeves achieved this accolade.

A collage image with staff from Kreston Reeves and the certified B Corporation logo on a blue background

We have been proud to work with the Kreston Reeves team and Kreston Reeves Foundation on their impact strategy since the start of the year. This accreditation demonstrates to the world the values and commitment that sets them apart.

Case Study - Kreston Reeves - added value in the finance sector

Read an apIMPACT case study about Kreston Reeves.

Catch-up Kreaston Reeves Summer Charity Seminar. Ethical Investment and ESG

Watch a recording of Richard Freeman’s talk on Ethical Investment and ESG at the Kreston Reeves Charity Seminar.

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