Nominet publish Digital Youth Index 2022

The Nominet Digital Youth Index is a benchmarking report offering insight into young people’s digital experiences.

Nominet is the official registry for .uk domain names. Their social impact programmes provide support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people today.

What are the challenges and barriers they face? What do they love – and what do they worry about? Importantly, how can we help them harness the positive power that the digital world promises?

The data is free to use and comprises quantitative and qualitative data from 4,000 8-25 year olds, via surveys and interviews with young people, parents, carers, social and youth workers.

It’s a powerful combination of stories and numbers for a clear picture of young people’s relationship with digital technology. Explore the data with Nominet’s interactive tool, check out some headline insights and join them as they use the insight from young peoples’ experiences to make meaningful change.

Nominet Social Impact Digital Youth Index Report 2022 front cover

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“The attention that digital platforms are demanding of us daily is having a huge impact on our mental health and the mental health of young people.”

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