Spun Glass Theatre research survey

Our clients, Spun Glass Theatre and Soundcastle are collaborating on a piece of research to inform the development of a programme for Early Years audiences.

The research seeks to uncover the barriers that can prevent a diversity of artists and performers to make work for children aged 0-5 and their families.

Spun Glass Theatre wishes to be able to programme a broad range of diverse performers at their events at The Mini Playhouse in Hastings. The desire is to offer as rich a programme for an Early Years audience as would be offered to an adult audience.

If you are working in the cultural sector as a performing artist or creator please take a few moments out to complete this survey and consider sharing with others.

An image of a toddler taking part in a musical workshop

The aims of the research are to:

  • survey at least 100 artists to identify barriers to making work for Early Years audiences and their families
  • design opportunities/commissions/training to be delivered for the next 3 years through Spun Glass Theatre & partner organisations
  • develop a network of artists who would benefit from training & commissioning opportunities
  • publish the findings to invite others to share and comment

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