Talking Heads: Funding for female-led businesses

Our Business Support Lead, Sam Hawkins, contributed to a panel discussion for Dynamic – The Magazine for Women in Business.

Following our work on SEBB >BREAKTHROUGH and Grants, we were invited to speak on the topic of funding for female-led businesses.

Alongside Sam, the panel included: Samantha Hilton, Metro Bank; Michael Pay, EMC Coprporate Finance; Elaine Robinson, Let’s Do Business Group; Maarten Hoffmann and Lesley Alcock, Platinum Media Group.

“If women opened businesses that are scaled up to the same degree as men, £250 billion will be added to the economy”

a screenshot of the introduction to the Talking Heads piece in the magazine

“If there’s a disconnect, it’s because 67% of female-led businesses are finding there is bias.”

“It’s been over 100 years since women got the vote in the UK, and we are still sitting here discussing inequality, which is absurd.”

“Why is it the woman who needs to do the childcare? Why do we think that the man must go out and have his full time job?”

“You are more likely to succeed and outperform your rivals if you seek consultancy advice.”

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