One Young World Summit podcast special

In October, 3000+ people, from over 190 countries, gathered for a week in Belfast.

This included over 2000 young entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, inventors, campaigners, community organisers and teachers. Nearly all of them between the ages of 18-30.

It was an absolute honour to be invited to the One Young World Summit, with Chris Thorpe-Tracey and in collaboration with Seven Hills, to meet and interview a wide range of these game-changers.

Without any doubt at all, the future of the human race depends on the people at that conference. We didn’t come across anyone that wasn’t humble, open-minded, generous and insanely smart.

Seaweed farmers, renewable energy pioneers, business disrupters, peace-builders, women’s health reformers, environmental engineers, first nation people’s champions, healthcare innovators – and on and on.

Business, governments, charities, individuals and collectives seeing themselves as part of something bigger than any one of them.

We interviewed people from Sudan, Gaza, Brazil, Switzerland, New Zealand, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Jordan, England, Northern Ireland, Kenya, Germany, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ecuador, France and on and on.

We chatted with representatives from AstraZenecaPernod RicardPwCAUDI AG and Queen’s University Belfast on the value of the summit and the One Young World movement in their missions.

As the world seems to be more febrile, violent and at the whim of populism than anytime since the 1930s – we need to create more space, investment and celebration of some of these young ‘do-er’s who are demanding – and creating – so much more.

Our three podcast specials are now live.

The Possibility Club @ The One Young World Summit.

Click the images below to listen to the podcasts.