always possible and Alirity announce strategic partnership

Two ground-breaking consultancies have joined forces to offer a unique blend of macro-evaluation, social/economic impact consulting and stakeholder engagement with cutting-edge business analytics, data and digital capabilities. This partnership accelerates the scale of opportunity for both companies’ clients in uncertain times.always possible, renowned for its multi-award-winning project design, research evaluation and impact leadership development, will complement Alirity’s deep expertise in data analysis and digital transformation. Together, they will provide new perspectives on the strategic changes necessary for organisations and regional ecosystems to thrive in the 21st century.“We know that growing businesses and effective public services are both successful when they understand the breadth, depth and potential of their impact,” says always possible CEO Richard Freeman. “Our partnership with Alirity means we can help ambitious teams to develop commercial resilience and technological innovation whilst also being powerhouses for transformational social value.”

Alirity’s CEO, Charlie Symonds, echoes this: “Data drives our world, but it’s the interpretation of that data that can revolutionise any success. By collaborating with always possible, we’re bringing a new depth of analysis and actionable insights to our clients.”