Leonardo: Skills, Tech & The Future of Wireless

  There is a massive shortage of engineers. Every graduate in my year working at Leonardo has been assigned a school to work with, to set them inspiring tasks.  

Southend Tech: Jams, Hacks & STEAMETTES

  In our hackathons, people use their knowledge and tech skills to virtually solve problems like environment, dementia and Covid-19  

Marconi & The Making of Chelmsford (part II)

In this short, bonus episode, Alan Pamphilon recounts what happened 100 years ago to the day – on 15th June 1920 – when the possibilities of radio were first demonstrated.

Sarah Ticho: on the future of tech in health

Virtual reality is almost the perfect metaphor for psychosis. You know you’re in the room but what you’re seeing and believing is so different.

Marconi & The Making of Chelmsford (part I)

In 1898, Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company opened the world’s first radio factory in Chelmsford, responsible for era-defining advances in naval communications, wireless tech and radio.