Practical Bravery: FARHAN



Beyond the cliches of big tech, and the visible social platforms most people play with each day, does the general population really understand anything about the digital transformation happening with them, to them, for them and around them?

And if we don’t understand what they are doing, or even who they are, can we ever measure the impact they might be having on our lives? What happens when we switch from human to AI, labourer to robot, photograph to avatar.

Academics and think tanks are trying to work it out. But what about the technologists? Do they care?

In this episode of The Possibility Club, we’re exploring the thought process behind creating digital realities, in everyday business and services.

Our guest is tech entrepreneur, Farhan.

Key quotes:

“Our purpose is to allow businesses to create their own reality.”

“The key element that AI relies upon is the data it is receiving. AI decision making depends on the depth of data that you have received, from multiple sources.”

“I just finished a couple of white papers and we’re going to apply for ten patents already, not to share our technology but to tell people in the world how this is done. What’s the point of my growth, if we don’t share that?”

“We chose UK out of anywhere else, living throughout the world like US, Australia, I found UK has one thing that not a single country has, which is simple decency of understanding that here there is a need.”

“Loyalty is always earned. You cannot force your team to be with you if things are going down. As CEO, the biggest thing that I’ve done to make sure my team stays with me, you’ve got to be able to listen to them. Are they able to object to you, are they able to listen to you, are you able to listen to them?”

“We need to think as a whole world that what we are creating, it’s not just for us, we’re creating for future generations also. In the last 300 years we are failing as a whole world. We’ve done amazing feats, but what we have failed to do is think outside of a single century. Our planning, all the world’s planning is so limited, we didn’t our stuff together.”

“Think outside your generation. What you are building is not just for you!”

“When it comes to a hundred year plan for our customers, we are on a journey with them. I don’t really care about how much money we are going to get out of them. As long as they are growing, we are growing.”

“Technology is successful if you are solving a problem other than what you think is a problem.”

“When I was younger I worked with certain defence people. And when I went on to give my ID in Pakistan, I wrote my full name, my Dad’s name and everything, I gave all my details. And when my ID documents came back, I only had one name! And I was told not to ask any questions, just live with it. Apparently it was a mistake and I ended up with just one name. My UK ID has Farhan Farhan on it. Cyber security is a world of fun! Like Madonna, I’m Farhan!”

“We all can be sad, or stressed, because these are depressing times. We are sitting in a world on fire, but we have to find a small corner where the fire isn’t burning, and then work out how to put out the fire.” 

This episode was recorded in March 2023

Interviewer: Richard Freeman for always possible

Editor: CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts


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