Stella Creasy MP - After Corona Podcast

“We could see women’s employment set back 50 or 60 years through no fault of their own”

To kick off the new year, we’re going to zoom in on politics – most specifically on power and action, and where it comes from when it seems like big, era-defining decisions are needing to be made everyday.

Our special guest is Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow in north east London since 2010. Early on in her parliamentary career, Stella gained recognition for her successful campaigning on payday loan companies, leading to better regulation of exploitative interest rates – even winning accolades from the conservative press and the then Conservative chancellor George Osborne.

As a politician, Stella Creasy is known for direct and detailed interrogation of social injustices, with attention given to the abortion rights of women in Northern Ireland, and the consideration of misogyny as a hate crime. She has sat on the Labour front-benches as shadow ministers for business and crime prevention. Following the birth of her daughter just over a year ago, Stella has worked to improve maternity rights for female MPs, including employing the first ever locum MP to cover some of her constituency work when needing to care for her daughter.

Prior to being elected to Westminster, Stella worked for thinktanks and political movements, as a parliamentary researcher and Head of Public Affairs for The Scouts.

We spoke to Stella towards the end of November 2020 about power, community, social mobility and what the hell it is like being a British MP through a decade of austerity, Brexit and a global pandemic.


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