The Bishop of Colchester: Science + Creativity In Lockdown


Now, more than any other time, we need to pay attention to what feeds our soul.


The Right Reverend Roger Morris has been Bishop of Colchester since 2014 – 10 years since he was first ordained into the Anglican clergy. An outspoken campaigner against inequality and social injustice, Roger has played an active role in championing youth services, Essex cultural life and environmental activism.

Roger is a member of the Essex 2020 Strategic Board, whose role is to set the direction for the programme and to ensure that any investment is working towards ambitions to celebrate science and creativity, tell the story of imagination and innovation in Essex and to create and extend collaborations and partnerships between business, education and communities.

Richard talks to Bishop Roger about life during the Covid-19 pandemic, and why Essex 2020 is needed more than ever to show Essex at its best and to ‘feed our soul’ with creativity and curiosity.


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