Southend Tech: Jams, Hacks & STEAMETTES


In our hackathons, people use their knowledge and tech skills to virtually solve problems like environment, dementia and Covid-19


Tech-City-on-Sea is just one of the new names attributed to Southend as it undergoes a cultural and digital renaissance in the 21st century. Few organisations embody that more than Southend Tech, an energetic workshop provider and digital maker community founded a few years ago by Andy Melder.

Southend Tech has been at the heart of Essex 2020 since the beginning of the year, collaborating across the county through Raspberry Jams, hackathons, coding meetups and Smart City events.

They work with children and adults to use accessible programming tools such as the Raspberry Pi computer and BBC MicroBit in order to learn key skills about artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart technology.

Richard talks to Andy Melder along with Lowena Hull, the award-winning 17-year old engineering prodigy who is running the STEAMETTES programme to encourage young women into science and technology.


Useful links

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