Lucy Griffiths: on the future of design thinking


What design thinking does – is it creates space for failure.

Lucy Griffiths is an award-winning educator, editor, marketer, designer, and writer. She is co-founder of, founder of design-led agency We Are Lucky, and author of the Island Friends children’s book series.

Her career has spanned roles within academia, entrepreneurship and teaching – all centre around the philosophy of design as a tool for changing the way people learn and behave. She is passionate about encouraging enterprise and enhancing the life chances of young people through education that inspires and motivates them to achieve their own definition of success.

Lucy’s 2016 TED talk, asked if there was a conceivable way to address some of the most complex and difficult problems in the education system when knowledge is cheap and young people accept that the future is completely unknowable. In her talk, she demonstrates how, by bringing designers into the equation, and connecting them with educators and young people, we can tackle the problems both teachers and learners face, and develop tools and techniques that support them to transform their own learning.

As a Trustee of the Royal Society of Arts,Lucy is also helping to think about policy and research at a national level – and the interplay between education, business and design.

Richard and Lucy spoke in January 2019, about the role and principles of design-thinking in education and what we need to think about when we tackle future challenges.



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