Possibility Walks #3 – Shoreham to Worthing

An adventure in walking throughout 2020


Hello. I’m Richard, CEO and founder of always possible; a dad; an OK vegetarian cook; a rubbish gardener; and a man who has neglected the transformative pleasure of walking. These Possibility Walks blog posts will document a year of changing that – ambling, rambling, strolling and endurance hiking.

Walks will be varied and of all shapes and sizes. On the way, I’ll be chatting to guests and friends about the things we find and what we think about business, education, culture and place-making in the 21st century. I’m looking to improve my health and to learn new things, laugh a lot and meet new people.

I’d love for you to join me.


Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

Steven Wright



Egrets; I’ve had a few


Walk 4:

// Shoreham-by-Sea to Worthing, West Sussex.
Sunday, January 12th 2020.
7.05 miles

There is no sugaring the pill. I had to tell the children that we’re getting on the train, just to go two stops. Then we are going to fill an enormous racksack with dried beans, coconut shavings, pasta and tins of chopped tomatoes from the healthy refill shop. And then we’re going to walk home. To many people this is some crazy futile hell – to a five and ten year old…well.

But, I’m nothing if not naively optimistic and blind to the needs of others. So on we trot – two adults and two confused enfants terrible. The walk – AS I KNEW IT WOULD BE – was wonderful. We built in several park-play stops, but the highlights were the houseboat community at Shoreham. Each reconstituted vessel remarkable in its anarchist political artwork, DIY gardens in barrels and up stairways, quirky notices for passers-by and a clear love of life on the water.

Then parallel to the beach heading east, is the widewater lagoon. A hidden gem, flush with white egrets, swans and terns. This stretch of water serves as the back garden to a number of Grand Designs; elaborate properties with pods, glass atriums, ornate verandahs, floor to ceiling glass and the rest. Flat stones and unusual shells are discretely gathered from the beachside, by us, as usual.

The final stretch from the beach in-land, past (admittedly glorious) industrial estates, is the least exciting bit – and the children start to flag. But they make it, and they struggle to hide the fact that seven miles is not a bad distance for little legs that said they didn’t want to do two.


The aim is to walk, talk and explore in different parts of the UK throughout 2020. There will be short jaunts and long treks.

If you’d like to join a Possibility Walk in 2020, get in touch at walking@alwayspossible.co.uk



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