Help to Grow: Management course case study

Our CEO, Richard Freeman, and Business Support Lead, Sam Hawkins, went back to uni to undertake the Help to Grow: Management course.

Designed for business owners and senior leaders of small and medium-sized businesses, Help to Grow: Management is a 12-week course that helps your business reach its full potential. It is designed to be undertaken alongside full-time work, and is 90% funded by the government.

In this month’s edition of Platinum Business, Richard reveals his thoughts about the course, what he’s taken away from it, and what it’s like to be on “the other side” of business support.

“Support like this, backed by the Small Business Charter and a credible university business school, does not come along very often. Especially not with such a heavy subsidy.”

“It is particularly helpful for us to be on the other side, and testing how we practice what we preach.”

“We have certainly been using the tools and resources to frame internal thinking about positioning and perception.”

“Whilst there is a commitment of time and bandwidth, the value is tangible and will help you with strategic and operational planning that you should already be doing.”

“There is nothing obscure or wasteful here and I would fully recommend this course to anyone.”

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always possible is proud to sponsor a number of placements for under-represented businesses.

We will pay half of the £750 course fee (£375) for businesses that are female-led, ethnic minority-led, or a CIC.

Help to Grow. Invest in yourself and your business with a 90% subsidised management course.

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