Ready for Anything

How can all growing businesses prepare for the future?

The only reliable constant is change.

What has happened in the time you’ve been reading this?


Being brave

You want influence and you want to shape the conversation. Then you’ve got to be brave and ambitious, as well as humble and open to whatever is thrown at you.

Although we have a growing entrepreneurial culture in the UK – there are also infinitely more things to derail anyone willing to stick their neck out.

Ready for anything

Are you a bit mad?

Throw in the biggest existential challenges to stability – politics, pandemics, the climate emergency, and the tussle between localism and globalisation. If you want to cut through the noise and be taken seriously, you’ve got to have your wits about you.

Who on earth wants to lead an organisation in these crazy times?

You do.

And we can give you some rocket fuel to go big.


Example questions we have helped clients to answer:

  • How can a business train its workforce for jobs that don’t yet exist?
  • How can charities think more commercially – and corporates think more socially – in meaningful and long-term ways?
  • How can a local government help get 20,000 small businesses closer to Net Zero?


Practical support in strategy and planning

The always possible team can’t predict the future (sorry). But we can help you ensure that you’re prepared for it. Whether your customer base is hundreds or millions, the extent to which you can be agile and resilient will determine your growth, productivity and wellbeing.

We’re interested in mindset, not sector.

Working with start-ups and scale-ups, national charities and social enterprises, chambers of commerce and economic think tanks – we help viable organisations from all sectors to lean into the future with confidence and energy.



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How we prepare teams for change

What does ethical leadership sound like?
What does ethical leadership sound like?

In the business world, a successful entrepreneur must have a good sense of what their customers want and how they’re being perceived in the market.

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How can business support end world poverty?

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