The University of Brighton, always possible and special guests have an informal debate on the value of data for organisations in a global emergency.

As every sector and every business is tackling change and adaptation head on – there is more data to draw upon, to play with, to extract from. But there is not a technological, economic or political level playing-field in the UK. Post Brexit, post Covid, post austerity renewal will be built on data – but whose, how and where from?
  • Are businesses paying more attention to the data they collect as the key to recovery?
  • What data is proving useful to businesses in recovery planning- both the data they own and generate and external sources of data?
  • How will smarter use of data insights transform certain sectors?
  • Which sectors are making most effective use of data – and which aren’t?
  • What more could they do?
  • What resources (knowledge/ equipment/ training / support) might help sectors understand how data can work for them?

Guest speakers:

  • Richard Freeman (chair) – always possible
  • Lowena Hull – freelance programmer / Southend Tech
  • Ben Sauer – Redbeard / 3dCrowd
  • Adam Sheldon – Big Egg Films
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