Compelling Design

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Erm… I don’t understand

You might have the best ideas, and an amazing story to tell. But if you don’t lead with a design process, then it might never land in the way you want it to. You might even be speaking in a language that your audience doesn’t understand.

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Design thinking

Designing isn’t just about how something looks – but about the experience that different people might have using it, of how it connects to other products and services, and about who is involved in deciding what is useful.

Our consultation skills mean that we are good great listeners, drilling down on the problem you are really trying to solve.


Who are you NOT trying to engage?

Our research and creativity helps to define the parameters of what you are doing and not doing. Clue: you can’t be all things to all people.

Our communication and visual design skills help to articulate the solution you have created, and to test what different people make of it.

Nearly always the challenge is in getting the right information in front of the right people in the right way. We get that. We really get that.

From education resources to information toolkits, virtual delivery programmes to new ways of using spaces, communication campaigns to collaborative project ideas – if it helps you to walk into the future with more confidence, we can ensure that you don’t miss anything out.


Until I talked to always possible, I felt trapped in a dead end, losing momentum fast. They helped transform my perceptions, lifting me out of a ‘what should I be doing..?’ rut and showed me ‘what could I be doing…?’

Oli Blackwell, Meaningful

The always possible team were an absolute delight. So friendly, so approachable, so willing to hear our thoughts, concerns, ideas!

Louise Hopper, The Careers & Enterprise Company

always possible helped with funding applications, and supported our first year of operations, helping me recruit a fantastic team to manage the Starboard Festival. They have been reliable, positive and dedicated in all my dealings with them. If you’re looking for critical friends to help get a new initiative off the ground, look no further.

Naomi Alexander, Brighton People’s Theatre