Incisive Research

Want to make informed decisions about what’s next?

Yes! Of course you do! (Don’t you…?)

Simpler than you think

A Theory of Change process is a deceptively simple (and absolutely brilliant) way to get your whole team involved in clarifying your vision. It results in a one-page clarifying call about what change you are making for your customers, audience or service users – how and why.

We’ll unstick you

Every business or charity gets caught in a bunker from time to time, focused on the traffic jam ahead. Sometimes it’s good to check if a shortcut or a new road has opened up, or even if you’re heading in the right direction.

Incisive research

Confidential and in-tune

Our expert field researchers can consult with the public, your staff, your networks, to capture a detailed picture of future opportunities that might not be clear, or on your radar. With discretion and confidence, we can co-design solutions and strategy that make your heart sing.

External perspective to clear the fog

Through strategic review, feasibility studies and impact assessments – we look closely at what all the data shows us. We look at the bigger picture, and how your work could better connect with other opportunities.

Actually useful!

We make realistic recommendations about what you can do now, next and later – to build on strengths or to improve on areas for development.

The always possible team are well-networked with a great understanding of our sector and an ability to look sideways at a problem. They tidied up our young people’s offer and we are now poised to rejig.

John Varah, Same Sky

Thank you for the contribution always possible made and the insights they gave us. It was pitched exactly right and gave a fresh injection of thinking at a time when we were in danger of getting too inward looking.

Martin Harris, Go Ahead Group

always possible is a binding agent that works outside of silos and spreads best practice, useful info and data as it emerges.

Martin Ellis, RSE Group