Useful Evaluation

Evaluation doesn’t have to be complicated or intrusive.
But can you ever, truly, evaluate yourself?

In the thick of a project, it can be hard to be objective.

Let us be your independent eyes and ears; critical friends who can celebrate your successes less modestly than you might. But also spotting gaps and areas for development in ways that you won’t be able to.


Let the friendly experts in. Hello.

Our team undertake formative (evaluating alongside your delivery, looking forward) and summative evaluations (analysing what you have already completed) – looking at a wide range of qualitative and quantitative data, creating new frameworks or using existing ones. We’ll start wherever you are, and build from there.


Useful evaluation

Simple measurement, whoever you are.

From the arts to education, marketing campaigns to public health, product roll-outs to tech R&D – the objective is simple: we’ll help you measure what is working, and identify what is not.

We’ll make it feel easier, and we’ll ensure that outcomes are useful far beyond the scope of a single report. That’s a promise.

I would recommend always possible to everyone and anyone.

Tessa Clarfelt, Wilderness Festival

We are celebrating our 50th year next year and we will use the always possible evaluation as a focus for the years ahead. The report will help us review our approach and shape the future.

John Riches, QueenSpark Books

I was really impressed at the amount of thought, energy and time always possible put into working with us – we felt like much more than a work project, and they really encouraged us to think deeply about the way we approached evaluation and measured the impact of our work.

Ella Burns, Little Green Pig