workshop: decision-making for businesses

From: £450.00 - £950.00


Three hours
Location, date and time of your choice
Up to 20 people


Every business needs to draw on a range of information, expertise and guidance to nail tricky decisions.

How about making that easier, faster and more effective?

An always possible workshop is a half-day exploration of your business, ambitions, challenges and opportunities.

We will look at your decision-making processes, how you work as a team, how you use emotion, how you use data and what biases might be leading you to some assumptions.

At the end of the session you will:

  • Build a clear vision for what your ambitions can become and why

  • Establish the structures and mechanics for delivering that mission

  • Identify where your key stakeholders are and where you need them to be

  • Create a clear set of priorities, with a NOW, NEXT & LATER plan

We know you're busy, but an always possible workshop is a golden three hours to blow the cobwebs off your business thinking. Guaranteed.

Transformative, punchy facilitated sessions to give you clarity and confidence in your ideas, led by specialists who know how to get you from A to B with energy, creativity, expertise and humour.



Businesses and non-profit organisations that are growing, moving, changing direction, solving problems. Whether you're a 100 year old family firm, a local authority or a high-growth enterprise  - we want to hear about your vision, and help you get from A to B smarter and quicker.


always possible is one of the UK's fastest growing development consultancies, connecting policy-makers and grassroots change-makers - with an obsessive mission to improve conscious decision-making at every level.

We are a team of over 20 specialists in business development, education, skills training, funding, customer engagement, planning, creative thinking, project design, technology, community engagement, public speaking, digital communications, strategy, research and evaluation.

And we've got your back. 

Company size
  • Small
  • Micro
  • Medium
  • Large
Company type
  • Private business
  • Sole trader
  • Public services

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