Skills & Opportunity

What sort of workforce will be needed for whatever comes next?


What is the point of learning if you don’t have to?
Wrong question. You do have to. Forever.

We’re all learning

The digital revolution is transforming everything. And a carbon emission-free future is demanding the very best of our skills, intuition and knowledge.

Education should prepare you for work, but not only. And what the future workforce needs is not simply to be work-ready, but to be life-ready.

What about a workforce that has coding, care and communication skills in equal measure?

Skills & Opportunity

No more jobs for life

Teams built on diverse thought, shared energy and channels for good ideas regardless of job title.

Brilliant problem solvers, empathetic colleagues and smart negotiators?

An 18 year-old today is likely to have at least four careers and 12 jobs before they retire. If we talked about careers and opportunities instead of jobs and tasks – recruitment and retention might get a whole lot easier.

The always possible team have been working with businesses, recruiters, colleges and universities to rethink and reimagine the future of work.

Example questions we have helped clients to answer:

  • How can more STEM professionals co-design college and university courses?
  • Does recruitment become more inclusive and less time-wasting if you take some creative risks with the process?
  • What is the most effective way to deliver a high-impact bootcamp for early-stage entrepreneurs, apprentices and/or graduates?

Working with colleges and careers advisers, HR managers and headhunters, universities and local government – we provide independent clarity and insight when the square pegs don’t fit in the round holes.



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How we promote skills development, talent and opportunity

What on earth is coconut thinking?
What on earth is coconut thinking?

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A study on children’s cultural participation
A study on children’s cultural participation

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What is Beamery’s secret to recruitment and retention?

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What does a pan-Sussex plan for skills look like?
What does a pan-Sussex plan for skills look like?

Sussex LSIP report is published and launch event announcedSussex was one of the first regions to develop an employer-led Local Skills Improvement Plan as part of a trailblazer programme awarded to 8 Chambers of Commerce by the Department for Education in 2021.  The...

RSA announces ‘Creative Corridors’
RSA announces ‘Creative Corridors’

RSA announces 'Connecting Creative Corridors' enquiryIt says 'Creative Corridors' can be the key to the UK's creative industries.Arts Council England (ACE), the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (Creative PEC) and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) will...