Social Impact

Social impact

If your organisation didn’t exist, would the world be better or worse?

Social impact is a complex, and often misunderstood, set of ideas. You might have heard of the Social Value Charter in procurement; corporate social responsibility (CSR); environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores for investment – or accreditations such as B-Corp or the Social Enterprise Mark.

What does it all mean for you? 

Whether you are on a mission to change the world, or you just want to be a demonstrably responsible employer that looks after the environment, your staff and your community – we can help you find your starting point.


21st century thinking

Any business worth taking seriously will have to understand its social impact eventually. And you know that being a socially-focused team isn’t just a fluffy talking point in your annual report – it will help your recruitment, open up your customer base, attract funding, build your influence, and add years and years on to your business lifespan. And being a thoughtful business that puts more into the world than it takes out – that’s just basic. Don’t be the dinosaur in the room.

Be good to yourself

Very few organisations – of any size – can measure their social impact by themselves. It’s like marking your own homework.

And it’s hard. It can be frustrating. It takes years to get right. But you can definitely nail it.

We can build you tools, train your staff, help you with data, develop a framework and have you beaming – because the ace stuff you do can finally be evidenced, opening doors to new opportunities.



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The mentors from always possible have made us think outside the box about our business, its goals and how to achieve these. It has allowed me to gain confidence in making these decisions with the fellow directors and ensure our resources and infrastructure are fit for purpose to scale-up.

Scott Monk, GM Monk