SPOTLIGHT: Action for Children in Arts

Action for Children’s Arts (ACA) is an organisation that provides a voice for children in  arts. Their vision is that every child should have access to the arts. Their high-impact campaigns include Arts Backpack UK and Listening to Children.

Action for Children’s Arts case study

They are conveners of arts practitioners across the country, offering best-practice networking and support. Their well established JM Barrie award celebrates unsung heroes in the childrens’ arts industry, and they are regular voices in the policy space, advocating for childrens’ rights to arts access.

When ACA needed to test reactions to an innovative new concept, always possible’s research and consultation took the project idea to the houses of parliament.

ACA is now the joint supporter of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children’s Media and the arts, informing legislators about the fast moving world of children’s media and cultural activity.

The APPG continues to strive to uphold the UN charter on the rights of the child. ACA’s most recent convening work was in conjunction with the UK theatre industry to examine the needs of drama and theatre education at the January 2023 APPG session.

ACA’s J.M. Barrie Awards last year went to author Jamila Gavin FRSL, in recognition of her contribution to children’s literature; and television presenter Justin Fletcher MBE, also known as Mr Tumble, in recognition of his positive impact on the world of children’s television.

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