BarkWeb is a web design and digital marketing firm based in Eastbourne that prides itself in being a “no bullshit agency”. Founded in 1999, the company has a team of experienced professionals with a demonstrable love for transforming business comms. Barkweb take a co-design approach to creating bespoke, super-functional sites for their clients.

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BarkWeb came to always possible to re-think their key human resource making decisions. With a desire to be honest and try things differently, they were an excellent client to unpick a pain point with. Through a focused strategy day, we made progress with internal culture, motivation and productivity. Following our brokerage, MD Julian Perrott is still chair of the regional creative industries sector skills taskgroup after four years. 

We’ve been delighted to see BarkWeb end 2022 with some big wins in tricky circumstances. Restless platform and product innovators, their CMS platform JoLoJo goes from strength to strength and their strong core values and track record has helped them secure work with clients from city sales finance firm Levantor and indie cinema chain Kino.