CityFibre is building the UK’s next generation connected digital infrastructure. Their mission is to build a full fibre future for the UK, by rolling out networks to all urban, rural, mountain and coastal corners of the country. Their goal is to unlock Britain’s potential in the digital age, focussed on the communities, people and places that have been historically under-served and helping them live a life in full flow.

CityFibre are out to be the positive changemakers in their industry, and do it through empowering their people and creating a legacy of the UK exploiting its potential. So it was a pleasure to work with them as part of Essex2020: Year of Science + Creativity, where always possible and CityFibre collaborated on an interactive programme to raise the profile of STEAM job opportunities for the young people of Southend.

We were not the least bit surprised to see CityFibre win the most Impactful Mentoring programme 2022 developing on the great work they did on Essex2020. Some quite amazing numbers and testimonials from staff show how a well empowered staff can drive skills development and autonomous innovation.