MULTIPLY’s vision is for a world where technology businesses are purpose led, creating opportunities for sustainable growth with positive social and environmental impacts. They help B2B technology transfer realise this vision. They work with advanced engineering companies around the globe, helping them transfer their technology into new applications. They’ve enabled transfers from rocket engines to energy plants and electric vehicles, from satellite hardware to data as a service, from nuclear robotics to in-space maintenance, and more. Creating over £40million of opportunity for clients.

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An always possible strategy day led to a MULTIPLY identifying how their creativity could better tell their story. We facilitated the talented team unlocking knowledge, experience, and sentiment from within the organisation to form a clear, direct narrative to help them tell their story and plan for growth as a social enterprise.

MULTIPLY are driving forward their social enterprise mission on a local and global level. Trusted voices advising on and advocating for responsible tech funding policies. They are launching a research team in the organisation and have formed a collaboration with Brighton permaculture trust.