Stakeholder Management

Do you feel that your success is always defined by other people? 

Knowing who has influence over your work

Mapping and analysing customers/audiences and levels of engagement is one of the most common things we are asked to do.

It is critical to have understanding about who is interested in what you do – and why – as well as who has influence over your ability to get things done. We can help you build intelligence and make decisions about your fans and your haters, your investors and your future collaborators.


Knowing what influence you have over others

‘Build it and they will come!’, they say.


But if you want to stand out in a crowd, put energy into the right messages and attract the people who will power your mission forward – then you have to be confident that you are solving the right problems.

We have built national campaigns and local community outreach projects. We plan how you can move people from A to B. Let’s start with what the data tells you. Then we go and talk to your community, and ask them to tell us how they really feel.

Knowledge x purpose = people wanting to listen to you.

The team at always possible have made it so we can initiate a new part of the business. This will have a huge impact on communities in the UK.

We are all really excited about what it could mean for the future of the company.

Samantha Wheeler, MakerClub