Strategic Review & Data Analysis

Strategic Reviews

You’ve got so many thoughts, ideas and opportunities.

And a hunch about what is working and not working…


Reports as beautiful as they are useful

But what about a clear, visual, evidence-based review that brings it all together and maps out what to do next? External analysis that supports and challenges your assumptions.

Reviews and strategic reports are not written to sit in dusty drawers. They are compiled to get thumb-smudged and covered in coffee (even the digital versions).

You give us the tricky question you want answered, and we’ll work like seasoned detectives – scanning for everything that tells the story of what makes your work unique and also what might derail it.

Our analysts process that into something digestible and useful, with every recommendation clearly mapped to the data.


Our team is your team

And we won’t give you any shocks and surprises. All the way through, you’ll hear what we’re finding, where we’re going and what’s occurring.

We’ll treat your data with care and discretion, putting everything back where we found it.


Face Media Group
West Sussex County Council
Coventry City Council
Musical Futures
Brighton Digital Festival

always possible offer something unique to ambitious businesses who want to think differently, engage better and grow smarter. The value they bring in joining up high level strategic thinking with grassroots entrepreneurialism is extraordinary.

These are not like any other consultants.

Nikki Gatenby, author ‘Superengaged: How to transform business performance by putting people and purpose first’