Impact Strategy Days

Does everyone ‘get’ the added value you create?

Strategy sessions from always possible ensure you are in control of the impact you create and the change you want to make.

Our team helps turn big, complex challenges into clear priorities.

Think big

In the 21st century, successful businesses lean in to climate issues, prioritise their people and innovate for positive impact on their local communities and the world at large.

Failing businesses don’t.


Your social value should drive, not hinder, your commercial success

Practical priorities

The team at always possible understands how difficult it can be to define, measure and communicate your positive impact while still delivering your core business.

Sharing values and achievements is important, but it’s not enough.

Do you show your staff and investors how your added value sets you apart as a leader in your field? Purpose, CSR, ESG and other labels can come later, but the substance is key.

Do your staff and customers know that you work differently than others?

We can help you align your business plan with your bigger ambitions for change.


What happens on an always possible strategy day?


BEFOREAdvance 1:1 calls with any staff members with questions or specific expectationsFull agenda and preparation questions provided before the session
DURINGA 4-5 hour session with 2 expert facilitators and note takers for up to 10 team members, including breaksCustom  research, activities and case studies to explore
AFTERShared summary of the session with recommendations and additional resources on a secure digital platform, with a pdf backupTwo-week follow-up call to check progress, clarify, and discuss any additional ideas

Incorporating ethics, sustainability, skills and wellbeing into your business plan is simpler than you think – and will set you apart.

It was a really good day and your facilitation really helped – next steps for us are to distil all this into a comprehensive goal and plans for the next financial year.

Jennifer Williamson, Kreston Reeves

always possible helped us with our strategic plan, which was an immensely useful time together. Platforms for speaking and discussions in real life, and with podcast opportunities, have been really good too.

Adam Muirhead, Institute for Youth Work

The Chair and Trustees were very pleased with the final strategy and it’s now up on our website and we’ve been launching it yesterday and today. I’d like to thank you all for your work on this.

James Parry, UK Research Integrity Office