Summative evaluation

Summative evaluation

There are two types of business in the world.

The ones that hope and the ones that know.


Blind faith vs knowledge from evidence

The ones that know started off by hoping, and any new idea or project contains a lot of risk. But the quicker you move from blind hope to secure knowledge, the faster you can scale, replicate and build on your expertise.

We help you feel secure in that knowledge.



So, you’ve delivered the bulk of a project, or you’ve launched a new product. The results are coming in. You know that some things nailed it. Some things were a headache. What now?

What did people think? What does the data show (and what does it not show?) Did it achieve its targets? Were the targets right in the first place?

Our summative evaluations enable you to look back so that you can power forwards.


Building blocks for better results

Whether it is a quick review of data, or a more investigative deep-dive into the cause of problems or the ingredients for unexpected success, we can fill the knowledge gaps and make you less reliant on hope.



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