Talk The Walk

How to cut through, be heard and build influence

from always possible 

This is a unique mentoring programme for mid-career leaders in businesses, charities and social enterprises who have a big mission.

  • 1:1 mentoring to shape and develop your story
  • Supporting pitching, written statements and public speaking 
  • Practicing podcast and media interviews
  • Building influence and getting invited to key meetings
  • Knowing who to talk to, when and how
  • Introductions to potential collaborators and champions

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Clarity, confidence and strategy for change-makers who want to get in front of a wider audience. Our expert mentors are holistic in their approach, and will help you build your own blueprint of visibility and influence.

This is not about shouty, headline-grabbing PR. But about establishing you as a long-term and considered disruptor, leader and do-er in an industry that needs innovators and socially-focused entrepreneurs.


January – June 2024

Mix of face-to-face and online

Flexed around your schedule.


  • Focus
  • Narrative
  • Why
  • Ambition
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Who
  • Where
  • Channels
  • Hooks
  • Alignment
  • Persuasion
  • How
  • Technique
  • Confidence
  • Pitch
  • Strategy
  • Reach
  • Introductions
  • Approach
  • Offer
  • Ask
  • Influence
  • Feedback

The best way to make the most of the programme is to work through all four modules in order.

However, it has been designed so that each module can be stand-alone, and accessed seperately or in conjunction with any other modules.

Each module involves a time commitment of around 8-10 hours, spread across 3 months



✓  A mix of 90 minute face-to-face and online meetings

✓ Invitation to events, networking and behind-the-scenes

✓ Walk-and-talks, creative planning, mapping ideas

✓ Practice and for-real media interviews

✓ Background research, case studies, data

✓ Tools to help focus and prioritise

✓ One lead mentor, with input from other experts

✓ Introductions to VIPs, journalists, publishers, collaborators and event producers where appropriate

The programme works well for mid-career professionals, with some experience of senior management and leadership.

This is ideal professional development for someone within a growing ethical business or charity, tasked with leading campaigns or turning heads.

It suits entrepreneurs with a mission to improve, challenge or innovate around systemic problems, tech or social / climate justice.

We welcome misfits and outsiders, the curious and and the impatient. When creating a playbook for your circumstances, an open-mind and a willingness to take a few risks is key.

We are particularly interested in working with under-represented voices and professionals with protected characteristics. But everyone is welcome to apply.

Spaces are very limited, and it is unlikely that everyone who applies will get an immediate place – but we hope to open up slots regularly.



Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman
Lead Mentor

The full programme costs:

£3,500 + VAT if paid before in full before the first session

£3,800 + VAT if paid in 4 equal installments of £950 + VAT


This includes six months of preparation and research, face-to-face and virtual engagement, ongoing email support, resource and introductions.

Each individual module costs:

£1,000 + VAT if paid before in full before the first session

£1,200 + VAT if paid in 4 equal installments of £400 + VAT


Each module includes three months of preparation and research, face-to-face and virtual engagement, ongoing email support, resources and introductions.

About Richard

Richard is CEO and founder of the multi award-winning consultancy always possible. He’s a curious loudmouth and a specialist in organisational strategy, communications, social impact and developing thriving place/sector eco-systems.

For over 20 years, Richard has facilitated and led collaborative projects between public, private and voluntary sector. He has been involved in economic and workforce resilience, the creative industries, visitor economy and vocational training and skills development, as well as advising local government and growing businesses on strategy and engagement.

With an envious ‘little black book’, Richard has curated and programmed hundreds of events, roundtables, conferences and multimedia stories – amplifying changemakers from around the world. He knows how to find and build the right platforms for compelling leaders, helping them use their knowledge and charisma to build influence and make the case for new ideas.

Richard is an experienced speaker, facilitator, writer and workshop leader himself – and chairs a number of strategic taskgroups on the south coast and nationally. As host of The Possibility Club podcast since 2017, he has interviewed everyone from Andy Burnham and Charlotte Church to DJ Norman Cook, campaigners Gina Miller and Joeli Brearly and numbers gurus Sir David Spiegelhalter, Tim Harford and David Blanchflower. 

Richard is a Fellow of the RSA and the Chartered Management Institute, and an Associate at the Education & Training Foundation. He holds degrees in English and Theatre from the universities of London and Oxford, and an advanced Gold Medal Award in stage technique.

Client feedback

“Expanding your network creates all sorts of new opportunities. Each fresh conversation I have about what I’m up to enriches my ideas and illuminates the next steps needed. Richard and always possible help me to make great connections.”

Katherine Courtney – (Formerly) UK Space Agency


“Richard and the always possible team hold a wealth of information and have the ability to apply high level strategic knowledge to a particular locality and its needs. They make relevant connections and have the ability to take others through a learning process to become an effective delivery partnership. They are patient and generous with their knowledge – with a canny eye to political imperatives.”

Sally Staples – East Sussex County Council


“Richard knows ‘stuff’ in an incredibly detailed way and has that rare and valuable ability to identify, build and facilitate vital links between ideas, people and practice.”

Janet Robertson – Action For Children’s Arts


“Richard and always possible have been instrumental in defining this evolution of MULTIPLY to a purpose led social enterprise. His ability to extract the knowledge, experience, and sentiment from myself and my team to form a clear, direct narrative has been key. Being able to tell our story in a way that it can be heard by everyone (not just the MULTIPLY team) is one of our 5-year roadmaps.

“As we go through this evolution, we will turn again to the team at always possible to help understand, define and design strategies and narratives going forward.”

Natasha Allden – MULTIPLY Global