Carolyn Baguma

Senior Associate

Carolyn Baguma is a leadership and management professional with over a decade of expertise in events management, marketing, and PR gained across education, hospitality, recruitment and non-profit sector in the UK and EU.

Carolyn gained experience in the leadership and development sector, managing executive programmes with leading provider Duke Corporate Education before overseeing a leading youth programme ran by social integration charity The Challenge Network.

She has designed and delivered development workshops for the Retail Trust workforce, integrated workshops to support National Citizen Service programme, and implemented intervention workshops within Brighton Aldridge Community Academy.

Carolyn is an experienced fundraising professional within the third sector for organisations such as PDSA, Victim Support, Shelter UK and Living Streets and has been instrumental in raising brand awareness for varied social causes.

She has made a name for herself by supporting innovative projects in Africa, including successfully launching the National Association of Student Enterprise (NASE) in Kampala Uganda in 2015, providing a great platform for a new organisation: Teach for Uganda.

Carolyn is Director of Amulinde Consultancy and holds qualifications in performance coaching and neuro-linguistic programming and fine art & design.