Helena Jevons



Helena Jevons began her career in the food industry, focusing on branding, key messaging, and introducing fairtrade and organic value propositions. Her passion for innovation and sustainability led her to work with SMEs, where she excelled in coaching, mentoring and consulting. Helena has raised angel capital for multiple startups and has held key roles in different sectors, including education, technology and R&D projects.


Helena has over 20 years of experience working with C-suite teams and managing international blue chip projects. She has led marketing and innovation initiatives for big brands, including Heinz and Plum Baby, where she played a crucial role in rebranding and strategic business development. At Sussex Innovation, she repositioned the business incubator to focus on scale-ups, driving significant impact on the Brighton & Hove economy. Helena’s recent work includes strategic advisory roles at Inflection Consulting, where she helps SMEs unlock growth through strategic mapping, branding and grant funding.

Helena has also worked extensively on projects aimed at engaging investors in new economy ideas such as regeneration and sustainability. At Aflatoun Child Savings International, she worked to test and scale education programmes for 12-18-year-olds in social and financial education and empowerment. Helena coined the term 'trickle up' to describe how individual savings plans and collective action could create change, countering the now-disproved 'trickle-down' approach. This initiative, backed by UNICEF, Plan International, the Skoll Foundation, Ashoka, and other global and national foundations, demonstrated that children could influence parental and social behavior, breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty.

Skills and interests

Helena is a commercial strategist with expertise in brand development, digital marketing and team development. She is known for her ability to convert ideas into tangible results, leveraging her extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative consumer insight, strategic vision and financial management. Her interests include regenerative leadership, innovative marketing strategies, and building sustainable food and finance ecosystems. Helena also has a personal interest in the psychology of profit and sustainability in corporates.

Qualifications, accolades and honours

Helena holds an MA in Cultural Geography and Sustainability from the University of Cambridge and has completed a number professional development programs, including Regenerative Leadership and Regenerative Finance courses.