Sam Hawkins

Sam Hawkins



Sam Hawkins joined the always possible team in 2020, bringing a wealth of experience in funding and development, business growth, business intelligence, and research. For over fourteen years prior to this, he has led projects that span the creative industries, skills training, and social and economic development sectors. Sam co-founded an award-winning creative business in London in 2008, where he developed a strong focus on event production, business development and fundraising.


Sam has managed a wide range of business engagement, growth, and productivity projects, supporting over 300 enterprises. At always possible, he oversees strategic development consultancy projects, including change and impact planning, developing evaluation frameworks, major funding bid development and strategic business planning. He has successfully managed over £500k of ERDF-funded business programmes and currently runs UKSPF business projects in Sussex and Surrey. 

In his previous roles, Sam has been a fundraising consultant for Hush Fundraising, a partnership manager at Creative & Cultural Skills, and a courses leader at Dv8 Sussex. He has also worked as a development, press, and marketing manager and as a founder and co-director of the London Word Festival.

Skills and interests

Sam is highly skilled in project management, business strategy, grant coordination and funding applications. He has a deep understanding of the Theory of Change, placemaking and relationship management. 

His interests include fostering creativity and innovation in the leadership teams, and supporting economic development through strategic business initiatives. Sam’s extensive experience in the creative industries and skills/training sectors has equipped him with a unique perspective on how to drive business growth and development.

Qualifications, accolades and honours

Sam holds an MA in Philosophy from Glasgow University and has recently completed the Help to Grow: Management programme at the University of Brighton, which is akin to a mini-MBA. He is a member of the UK Evaluation Society, with whom he undergoes continuous professional development. 

Sam was a co-recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Breakthrough Award in 2009, acknowledging his contributions to the creative and cultural sector. His extensive experience and qualifications make him a highly effective project manager, capable of leading complex projects and securing significant growth and productivity funding in different sectors.