What people say about us

What people say about us

Without doubt, the most innovative business in this section. After meeting them, you come away inspired, with ideas swirling around your head. This is a business that is worth keeping an eye on and we predict that they will grow substantially over the next few years. We believe that with this company, anything is ‘always possible’. At its heart is an enthusiasm to connect people and ideas. A very well deserved winner.

Judging Panel, 2022 Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

Gatwick Diamond Business Award winner logo. GDBA 2022.

I am so pleased to have spoken to you, as you have inspired me and given me the confidence to continue doing what I am doing and be proud to show off my work. I did try tagging yesterday and I got some positive feedback which was great!

Thank you again for all your help and support. I will keep you posted of my progress.

Adeline Offe-Burobey, The Radicle Principle

I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, I don’t think it could have gone any better! You have a wonderful inclusive style of facilitation and leadership, and a wealth of knowledge in the sector in which we work.

I look forward to reading the notes and seeing how we can take this forward.

Rachael Swann, Grassroots Suicide Prevention

I was really impressed at the amount of thought, energy and time always possible put into working with us – we felt like much more than a work project, and they really encouraged us to think deeply about the way we approached evaluation and measured the impact of our work.

Ella Burns, Little Green Pig

The always possible team hold a wealth of information and have the ability to apply high level strategic knowledge to a particular locality and its needs. They make relevant connections and have the ability to take others through a learning process to become an effective delivery partnership.

They are patient and generous with their knowledge – with a canny eye to political imperatives.

Sally Staples, East Sussex County Council

always possible offer something unique to ambitious businesses who want to think differently, engage better and grow smarter. The value they bring in joining up high level strategic thinking with grassroots entrepreneurialism is extraordinary.

These are not like any other consultants.

Nikki Gatenby, author ‘Superengaged: How to transform business performance by putting people and purpose first’

The Chair and Trustees were very pleased with the final strategy and it’s now up on our website and we’ve been launching it yesterday and today.
I’d like to thank you all for your work on this.

Dr James Parry, UK Research Integrity Office

always possible is a binding agent that works outside of silos and spreads best practice, useful info and data as it emerges.

Martin Ellis, RSE Group

The speed at which always possible have been able to offer clarity and insight is remarkable.

Alexandra McCabe, FittaMamma

The always possible team were an absolute delight.
So friendly, so approachable, so willing to hear our thoughts, concerns, ideas!

Louise Hopper, The Careers & Enterprise Company

I find always possible webinars very useful. As a community arts organisation we find it very useful to be able to hear the voices of other creatives at this time. We can all learn so much from one another to help navigate our way through these challenging times.

I was fascinated to hear how contrasting organisations were adapting to an online model of work.

Sam Dook, Lifesize CIC

always possible helped with funding applications, and supported our first year of operations, helping me recruit a fantastic team to manage the Starboard Festival. They have been reliable, positive and dedicated in all my dealings with them.

If you’re looking for critical friends to help get a new initiative off the ground, look no further.

Naomi Alexander, Brighton People’s Theatre

The always possible team are able to unpick the issues and take away the individual biases – so that there is a level playing field to start the discussion from.

always possible is able to look at the wider picture and get people working together for a common goal.

Caroline Wood, Coastal West Sussex Partnership

always possible are not bogged down by the systems that large organisations often have in place, so can respond quickly. We can also trust them to have a broad view of issues – they speak to lots of people and organisations, so they keep up to date with current thinking.

Their attitude towards continual learning is helpful; they take on board new thoughts and are able to adapt these to deliver tailored solutions.

Sarah Bennetts, West Sussex County Council

Expanding your network creates all sorts of new opportunities. Each fresh conversation I have about what I’m up to enriches my ideas and illuminates the next steps needed.

always possible help me to make great connections.

Katherine Courtney, Primary Space

Thank you for the contribution always possible made and the insights they gave us. It was pitched exactly right and gave a fresh injection of thinking at a time when we were in danger of getting too inward looking.

Martin Harris, Go Ahead Group

The always possible team are well-networked with a great understanding of our sector and an ability to look sideways at a problem. They tidied up our young people’s offer and we are now poised to rejig.

John Varah, Same Sky

always possible helped us with our strategic plan, which was an immensely useful time together.

Platforms for speaking and discussions in real life, and with podcast opportunities, have been really good too.

Adam Muirhead, Institute for Youth Work

We are celebrating our 50th year next year and we will use the always possible evaluation as a focus for the years ahead. The report will help us review our approach and shape the future.

John Riches, QueenSpark Books

I just wanted to say thank you – some great feedback on your keynote; it really got people thinking and reflecting. The set up for the networking was inspired; there was a real buzz in the room. So again, thank you.

Dr Adam Jones, Brighton Business School

The always possible team is extremely well-networked and able to facilitate connections at both wide and narrow scopes.

Very well organised, flexible and accommodating in support; well-informed and knowledgeable about the sectors they operate within. They rapidly adjusted and accommodated the cancellation of physical events due to necessary social distancing measures and provided flexible informed expert advice about online options.

Stuart Hedley, University of Brighton

I would recommend always possible to everyone and anyone.

Tessa Clarfelt, Wilderness Festival

I really wasn’t looking forward to this 3 hour session, but I have to say it was the best Zoom I’ve ever been on.

Ralph Rudden, Big Locals Together

always possible take the time to really understand the needs of your organisation and to be clear about the outcomes required.

Paul Mitchell, Sussex Council of Training Providers

always possible has been the backbone to our business. Their flexible approach to support has been vital to us continuing to grow and develop.

Adam Sheldon, Big Egg Films

I’ve had a big dream to start a creative business for years, but not known where to begin!

Thanks to GLIDE I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time from a variety of inspirational experts. I now have the knowledge and tools to create a realistic business plan and a road map to put my plan into operation.

Estelle Whewell, Print Artist

Your knowledge and experience was so greatly appreciated, you really have helped me getting my website in the correct order.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Cora Barns – The Serenity Room

always possible know ‘stuff’ in an incredibly detailed way and have that rare and valuable ability to identify, build and facilitate vital links between ideas, people and practice.

Janet Robertson, Action For Children’s Arts

always possible brought in so much expertise. We have had loads of ideas, but we were not able to complete or finish everything. We are so glad we made this investment.

Jo Clarke, Age UK

always possible have been instrumental in defining this evolution of MULTIPLY to a purpose led social enterprise.

The team’s ability to extract the knowledge, experience, and sentiment from myself and my team to form a clear, direct narrative has been key. Being able to tell our story in a way that it can be heard by everyone (not just the MULTIPLY team) is one of our 5-year roadmaps.

As we go through this evolution, we will turn again to the team at always possible to help understand, define and design strategies and narratives going forward.

Natasha Allden, MULTIPLY Global

The team at always possible have made it so we can initiate a new part of the business. This will have a huge impact on communities in the UK. We are all really excited about what it could mean for the future of the company.

Samantha Wheeler, MakerClub

Until I talked to always possible, I felt trapped in a dead end, losing momentum fast. They helped transform my perceptions, lifting me out of a ‘what should I be doing..?’ rut and showed me ‘what could I be doing…?’

Oli Blackwell, Meaningful

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