What is The Brighton Connectiv?

From paradox to publication

Following the success of The Brighton Paradox podcast launch in 2023, always possible have teamed up with Brighton-based business leaders, artists, charity leaders and residents to create a new monthly online digest.

The Brighton Connectiv aims to be a pithy complilation of vibrant ideas, insights, and updates about Brighton & Hove.

It caters to residents, visitors, and those interested in the dynamic culture of this coastal city. The publication looks beyond usual press releases and PR to find the gems of good news that are bubbling beneath the surface.


The Brighton Connectiv seeks to connect people within and beyond the city through headlines about accessible, curious and positive change.

Its purpose is to celebrate business and community, enabling people in the city to seek out what is happening in and around the city.


Each month, there are a few updates on things to read, watch, experience or connect with around the changing landscape of:

  1. Business & Tech
  2. Education
  3. Arts, Culture & Sport
  4. Charity & Community
  5. Health & Wellbeing
  6. Environment
  7. Food and Drink

There is also a directory of the latest podcast episodes from shows created in the city on a range of different topics.

A diverse range of section editors are being recruited to support the curation of stories as the publication evolves.


Example edition: