The evolution of work and ethical tech

In a recent edition of The Possibility Club podcast, we took a deep dive with Dr Naeema Pasha, an acclaimed researcher, writer, thinker and doer in the realm of work and technology. An authority on diversity, equity, and inclusion, she shared valuable insights to help navigate these turbulent times.

The discussion is part of always possible’s ongoing series on practical bravery in the 21st century. It highlights the shifts in career paths due to rapid tech innovation. Find this episode on major podcast platforms or directly at our website.

Where does the integration of AI sit in recruitment and employee management? Naeema highlighted a paradox, where tech’s potential to streamline and enhance processes is often marred by inherent biases. The reliance on AI for recruiting, for instance, has introduced challenges such as ‘ghosting’ candidates and the lack of personal touch in the hiring process.

And despite the efficiency promises, there is a critical need to keep humanising the recruitment process. Naeema talks of her own experiences in the labour market as a top tier academic and tech industry consultant, seeing how personal feedback and interaction are getting lost in automated systems. The best practices still involve clear communication and personal engagement, which not only respect the candidate but also enhance the company’s brand.

Naeema is optimistic about the potential for workplaces to become more equitable and diverse, facilitated by technology but driven by human values. She argues for work environments that respect individual needs for flexibility—allowing for the integration of personal life with professional responsibilities, which is becoming increasingly important to the modern worker.

Through our economic impact and ethics focus, the always possible team focus on clients’ ability to boost their team’s efficiency and capability through inclusive project design and ethics-driven planning. We enhance team skills and capabilities with a focus on ethical process mapping and decision-making, project design and inclusive growth strategy. So that rapid tech development and AI solutions are built properly and in full view of the consequences.           

Click below to listen to the full podcast interview.

As part of our work to support Basildon to establish a new Creative Tech Festival, always possible designed and delivered two events that explored the ethical use of AI to enhance productivity and creativity. _LEARN was aimed at teachers and educators, _PRODUCTIVITY was a B2B event. 

“Fantastic event yesterday. The consideration of what and how this will impact on educators had really been considered. It was great to have that opportunity to see the range of areas that we will be working with in the future and a meaningful realistic understanding of what that can look like for schools.” Steph, _LEARN participant

”Met some amazing individuals and participated in a thought provoking talk by Dr Naeema Pasha about importance of diversity and ethics in ever evolving AI technology landscape. These discussions are so important, especially in today’s fast pace life where we tend to focus only on measurable and ignore to acknowledge and incorporate the subtle aspects of our existence in whatever we do, including technology advancement.

My key take away is a very fundamental question, how do we define ethics, what is the basis and can they be universally accepted or need to be aligned with different cultures & value systems.” Anurag, _PRODUCTIVITY particpant


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