The Possibility Club

What is it all about?
A peer network, for professionals who think the future can be better.

Era-defining changes in technology, health and workforce expectations are impacting your business, right now. So how are you making decisions, and what projects are you designing to solve long-standing problems?

We’re interested in post-traumatic growth. Social, community, economic, cultural, spiritual, political, educational growth. The growth of our knowledge and networks, of ideas and innovation.

Hosted by always possible, The Possibility Club is a safe space to think aloud about what comes next.

If you’re interested in shaping ideas and learning from others, we’re your tribe.

And it is completely free to join.

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What comes next?

As a member of The Possibility Club, you want you to get immediate value from being here. That’s why we’re aiming to these simple things:

A safe space to think aloud. What members have in common is a drive to to continually improve ideas, systems and organisations.

You will meet people who share your energy and who want to create something bigger than themselves, or who care about the possibility of connecting with and championing others.

Through Expert Circles, you’ll have access to specialists and targeted resources, guidance and answers to your questions.

Online roundtables, podcasts and blogs are a way for you to connect your ideas for better economies, cultural engagement, place-making and education

Big questions, deep thoughts, bright ideas & smiling hearts!

The Possibility Club member

Very interesting! With inspirational people who pose thought provoking propositions – and make us all think differently.

The Possibility Club member

Expert circles

Access to experts, webinars, resources and tools.

– Fundraising
– Project Design
– Community Building
– Marketing

+ more to be announced throughout 2020

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