Big, mad, world-changing ideas always start with a few people in a room.

always possible facilitates diverse groups who want to build trust and move ideas into action.

We have helped unlikely collaborators to secure funding.

By unlocking stalemates, we’ve brokered transformative solutions.

And we’ve connected ideas that have scaled.


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always possible facilitation

always possible is a binding agent that works outside of silos and spreads best practice, useful info and data as it emerges.

Martin Ellis, RSE Group

Expanding your network creates all sorts of new opportunities. Each fresh conversation I have about what I’m up to enriches my ideas and illuminates the next steps needed. always possible help me to make great connections.

Katherine Courtney, (formerly) UK Space Agency

always possible are able to unpick the issues and take away the individual biases – so that there is a level playing field to start the discussion from. always possible is able to look at the wider picture and get people working together for a common goal.

Caroline Wood, Coastal West Sussex Partnership View case study

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