Practical Bravery: BENJAMIN TALIN



What does it mean to be a global entrepreneur today? How do new technologies help entrepreneurs tackle big challenges? And what kind of bravery does it take to lead in such dynamic times? Join us as we explore these questions with a leader who’s redefining the boundaries of business and innovation.
In this episode we’re diving deep into how entrepreneurship not only shapes economies and sociey worldwide but also drives the bold leadership and bravery required to address some of our biggest global challenges. From economic inequality to technological disruptions, what do we need to answer in order to pave the the way forward in a digitised future?
Our guest this week is serial entrepreneur and CEO of MoreThanDigital, Benjamin Talin.

Key quotes:

“My first enterprise was at 13 years old, I stumbled into doing I.T. marketing stuff, building server networks. I was making good money for a small boy who got 20 Euros allowance per month, suddenly having 300 Euros per day was kind of good!”

“I got bored. Later I was burning a lot of my own capital for my startup and I literally rode it into the ground. I didn’t really get the game because no product no funding, no funding no product. So I built a digital agency. I’m good at marketing so I just built that.”

“It was just a journey of constantly: I see an opportunity and I do it, and I create an opportunity and I leverage it.”

“I traded most of the companies just out of frustration!”

“Eastern Europe is very entrepreneurial, because they have more pain, I would say.”

“When you talk with Americans they talk about billions, but in Switzerland, Germany or Austria it’s like ‘yeah we dream about one million, or two million’ — so the type of ‘dreaming big’ is different.”

“We are doing economic development programmes. That is what I was doing for governments but they didn’t want innovation, they didn’t care about innovation. Most of the time I had people say to me, ‘ah, that’s so different from what we are doing,’ and I’m like, ‘that’s what you paid me for!’”

Most people think that innovation is like building a rocket or something. But more than eighty percent of innovation is incremental innovation. You have something, it’s an existing market, it’s an existing product, and you implement something that makes it better.

“Radical innovation, which is what people think about innovation, is actually creating a new market with a new product. And that is almost impossible.” 

“First of all, we are all humans. We need to understand that besides that we wish that society would be better, and we wish that humans would be nicer, we are first and foremost always optimising our own good. That’s our own priority. If we understand that we can extrapolate it onto organisation.”

“People are starting to lose a lot of money. If you are VC-backed they always tell you, ‘invest everything! Be fast! Be fast!’ But if no money is coming up, it’s like ‘ah, you invested everything, how bad’!”

“Technology will change the way people perceive money, people perceive freedom, people perceive the social structure.”

“You have an idea, you pump it up, it goes bust. Before you even launched the second t-shirt, people are already bored and there’s somebody else doing it.”

This episode was recorded in March 2024

Interviewer: Richard Freeman for always possible

Editor: CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts


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