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“We get lulled into the false belief that knowing the category of the gathering—the board meeting, workshop, birthday party, town hall—will be instructive to designing it. But we often choose the template—and the activities and structure that go along with it—before we’re clear on our purpose.”

― Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters


We get asked to help people gather – and to explore ideas that can be taken towards action. Whether with big crowds, with intimate groups and online – we get madly passionate about purposeful do-ing as a result of shared thinking.



Are all events simple? No. Should every event follow the same formula? Nope.

But as we deliver over 80 facilitated seminars, taskgroups, workshops, ideas labs, conferences, roadshows, celebrations, strategy days, debates and team development sessions each year, we are getting very good at discovering the sweet-spots for building trust, energy and pragmatism.

We work with collaborators and commissioners to create and curate events that will get people somewhere. And if we get the structure right (how the event will balance), pacing (how it will flow), timing (how long? how short? does it cross a meal time? will people be able to get home?) and environment (how does the space help people feel present?) – then other magic will happen.



We don’t run events unless every single person has a reason to be there, and will leave feeling inspired to take action about something. That’s it.


We have attended several of the events that always possible curate and facilitate. They are all about sharing ideas, innovation, being curious, future thinking and community. If you want to be inspired, learn lots and be part of something special, then definitely check them out

Meg Fenn, Shake It Up Creative

Richard is a skillful and engaging presenter. always possible created and delivered a powerful seminar for our recent Creative Hub attendees. It was spot on and many of those attending were keen to let us know how much they had taken from the session.

We look forward to working with always possible again.


Sarah Springford, Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Saturday saw members of the Pimlico Million partnership and staff attend a fantastic workshop run by always possible, which helped us think about next steps in defining future goals. Thank you to Carolyn and Emma for doing a great job. We all found it really useful.

Jo Hedges, The Pimlico Million



Recently we’ve created: national education taskgroups; expert talks on big data; conferences on skills; seminars on creativity; community innovation networks; collaborative hubs; high-energy workshops in schools; intimate debates on gender and identity; business exhibitions and much more



Our brilliant collaborators range from archives to angel investors; publishers to pop festivals; thinktanks to theatre companies; business schools to bakeries.

Our full client list is here, and we’ve loved working with every single one of them.



Keep up to speed with our events, offers, practical tips, wit, wisdom and recipes:



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About us

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