Only make critical decisions when you have the information you need





Knowing where your insights come from and how to use them

Should you rely on instinct? Or data? Or historical patterns? Or what other people do? Or educated guesswork?

Our wizard team of evaluators, researchers and curiosity-hounds are frequently called in to interrogate a set of unknowns or to monitor patterns and engagement over time.

If you are leading a business, or responsible for turning ideas into action, or you’ve just got to get stuff done, then you are having to make tens of thousands of decisions every day.

35,000, they* actually reckon.

But decisions are easy to balls up. In one move you could accelerate or block growth, open up or close doors, develop creative and happy teams or breed anxiety and unease. Your decisions determine your mission, your values, ethics and your successes. No pressure.


*clever scientists


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Unpicking the next steps, even if the journey isn’t clear.

Decision-making involves understanding your own biases, confidence, emotions, interoception, motivations and skills. When you know how you make decisions – you can make better ones more often. LUCKY FOR YOU, we can help make that a bit easier.

We’ll be your practical (and spiritual) guide through it all. Gathering and processing information, consulting with stakeholders, sifting through data, mapping, auditing, testing, throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

We can open your ideas and connect you to influencers and decision-makers, ensuring that you and your team now where you fit, where you can go, and how to manage that position.

And what we’re *really* good at, is presenting the information back to you in the way you need it. Beautifully visual, in plain English, in whatever format you want (a slide deck? an infographic? a white paper? a facilitated event?)



Absolutely no bullshit.

always possible evaluators have a mountain of experience – in the public, private, voluntary and social enterprise sectors, in the arts, health, economics, market research – we’ve been there.

We know we can test the impact of your ideas, and help you to make future decisions based on evidence and information – not just guesswork, but really good guesswork. We can research your market, your position and test your hunches. And if it stinks we’ll tell you. If you’re nailing it, we’ll get you there quicker.


always possible were approachable, adaptable and professional in all that they did. Thank you so much for helping advance our work

Adam Muirhead, Institute for Youth Work
We knew there was scope to help venues create audience development strategies but the support from Kate and Rachel opened up a breadth of opportunities. We’re excited to carry on the project with continued advice from always possible and hope to create an advanced toolkit, unique to each user, for them to develop audience strategies.


Katie Williams, HOUSE Theatre Network

The team at always possible have made it so we can initiate on a part of the business that will have a huge impact on communities, we are all really excited about what it could mean for the future of the company.

Samantha Wheeler, MakerClub

Working with Richard and his team at always possible has been a consistently positive experience. They take the time really understand the needs of your organisation and to be clear about the outcomes required. Then they deliver a high quality service backed by an open communication style and sound project management.

Paul Mitchell, Sussex Council of Training Providers



Recently we’ve helped: an opera house design a consultation, an economic development team assess which buildings to invest in, a publisher to check how well it is engaging audiences, a science institute to make life easier for teachers, an arts agency move a festival, digital innovators to secure more corporate funding and much more.


Arts BackPack: a research case study







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Our brilliant collaborators range from universities to utilities companies, musicians to mathematicians,  creative writers to chambers of commerce , space scientists to sportswear manufacturers.

Our full client list is here, and we’ve loved working with every single one of them.



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