About us

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always possible was founded in late 2014 by Richard Freeman. It was out of frustration that too many brilliant ideas and people were not connecting properly and opportunities were being missed. So, a new approach to consultancy was born.

Over the years we have grown, and we think our mission has become clearer.

As an energetic development company, we look for the shared language between business innovation, education, culture and place-making. Through strategic mentoring, practical research and expert facilitation, our team enable leaders and networks to work out what’s next.

Our mission

We help leaders work out what’s next.

50% of our work is focused on big picture, infrastructure problem-solving – working with public services and networks to make critical decisions for thriving places, economies, cultural stories and education systems.

The other 50% is focused on supporting individual businesses to plan, connect and grow with confidence – enabling entrepreneurs and ambitions teams to let go of the things holding them back.

We have helped to build local, regional and national partnerships. Through targeted mentoring we support inclusive organisational development in many sectors. Our belief in the power of education and life-long skills development has been demonstrated in big imaginative projects – powering-up ideas through evaluation, research and project design.

Uschi, Kate, Carolyn & Sarah – delivering an education event

Our mission is to ensure that businesses are creative and sustainable – and that economic growth in our towns, cities and countryside aligns with our growth as healthy, connected communities.

We draw value from conversations that are already happening, but amplify and accelerate the good ideas with evidence and clarity.

By linking people together through common goals we can help organisations make the case for investment. We enable people to find the confidence to be bold – and to take positive risks – when the evidence says it’s the right thing to do.

Being useful

We only work with people whose ideas we love and people we can genuinely help. As critical friends, who can challenge stale or tired thinking; we can turn ideas (that go round and round) into action.

Solving problems

We believe in systems built on collaboration. Businesses that perform better do so because they understand what problem they are solving for  their customers, staff, audiences and investors.

We believe that big thinking, hard listening, clear planning and radical collaboration can turn those problems into opportunities.

Telling stories

always possible and Lo Fi Arts collaborate to tell stories of social change and business innovation. We interview and host informal conversations with a diverse range of people doing extraordinary things.