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always possible is an energetic company that uses facilitation, design, problem-solving, story-telling and research to help ambitious organisations shape the future. We join up the spaces between business innovation, skills, culture and place, helping clients to ask and answer critical questions about who we are, where change is coming from how to build prosperous communities.

We are a friendly collection of specialist thinkers and do-ers whose technical and human-to-human expertise creates the conditions for sustainable change and informed decision-making. Our clients range from tech entrepreneurs, charities, traditional industry and education networks to national arts organisations, local authorities, transport hubs and festivals.



Richard Freeman founded always possible in 2014 after 15 years working in creative learning, local government and with scaling businesses. He had come to understand what makes a great organisation fizz with good ideas – and what makes other teams waste time and energy chasing dead-ends.

The business was born as an optimistic collective of people who get things done – built on principles of of collaboration, co-design and nimbleness –  challenging entrenched systems that no longer work.

Richard wanted to build a team that are honest with clients and are driven to make positive change.

In the past few years, always possible has built relationships and collaborations with amazing businesses in the arts and media, sport, retail, education, local government, fashion, professional services, digital technology, social enterprise, construction, engineering and more.


Richard Freeman chairing the Brighton Big Debate
Richard chairing the Brighton Big Debate



This breadth of our work is not a mistake; it’s integral to how we can connect your organisation to new adventures and new thinking outside of the usual boxes. (Psst. We HATE silos.)

We passionately care about the ingredients of what makes a prosperous place, effective networks, thriving organisations, and culture-rich communities.

Our associates and specialist facilitators bring together a wealth of experience – amongst them, entrepreneurs, former lawyers, fundraisers, artists, marketeers, finance specialists, leadership coaches, teachers, technologists, academic researchers, public engagement specialists and policy makers. That’s thousands of hours of effective decision-making (and learning from bad decisions – so you can avoid them).

The four pillars of our work centre around:

SKILLS (how we succeed)

INNOVATION (what comes next)

CULTURE (who we are)

underpinned by

PLACE (where this happens)


From workshops to evaluations, growth support to project design, consultations to curation, strategy workshops to seminars, webinars, design charettes and long-form mentoring – we can help make your work bigger, better, smarter and more joined-up.


Most organisations don’t just want to be told what they have been doing wrong.

You don’t just want an off-the-shelf package that works for someone else but isn’t quite right for you.

Too many of our clients said that working with consultants had been scary, too expensive or had resulted in massive amounts of work to do (unhelpfully ironic when not having enough time is the main challenge to solve).

Well. Nah.

We only work with people whose ideas we love and people we can genuinely help. We are critical friends who can help unlock the too-safe, brick-wall, round-and-round thinking. We get to know how you tick, but remain objective and ask difficult questions, sometimes the obvious questions that many experts no longer think about.

We believe in ecosystems that collaborate, and businesses that perform better because they better understand how to excite their customers, staff, audiences and investors.

We believe in creativity, strong leadership behaviours and design-led thinking – and the conditions to solve any knotty problem.



Our workshops and research missions are co-designed with you. You will know what the return on investment will be from the beginning and there are no surprises with outcomes, cost or impact. We’ll give you a project plan or workshop plan, depending on how we’re working together.

If it is an evaluation or research project, we’ll break-down the whole development process. You will always know what we are discovering as we go; it has to work for you, and all of your stakeholders, at every stage.

At the end, your critical decisions will be easier to make. We promise.


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