Why bother?

The existential crisis of modern business.

always possible CEO, Richard Freeman, has written a guest blog for First Friday Lunch Club ahead of his Why Bother talk at their first event of 2024 on February 2nd.

Short excerpt reproduced with kind permission. Click the button below to visit First Friday Lunch Club and read the full blog.


In the 21st century, businesses face an existential crisis.

Buy low, sell high doesn’t stick anymore.

Nor can any sector simply thrive on the mechanical productivity of human cogs.

We’re living in an era where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has most of us teetering precariously at the top, poking at ‘self-actualisation’ like it’s an elusive butterfly. Living wage, safety, basic rights, a bit of recognition, colleagues that don’t want to kill you – this isn’t the dream anymore. It’s expected.

But why do so many people say that businesses should bother to stand for something? What have the murky waters of ethics, values, and social responsibility got to do with finding a market gap, selling big and retiring early? THAT is actualisation, right? This trendy wokenomics can slope off back to the commune.